Christopher Bianco Arellano


Experienced leader Christopher Bianco Arellano provides solutions in labor, education, politics, and city planning. Since 2017, Christopher Bianco Arellano has held the title of executive director of Tri-City Educators Uniserv, where he assists the Teachers Association of Norwalk La Mirada and the Downey Education Association in developing and implementing chapter service programs, chapter organization, contract negotiations, and membership solutions. Since 2003, he has led training programs on the subject of organized labor in education, such as the “Shared Decision Making,” “Organizing for Power,” and “How to Lobby Your Legislator.” He brings 14 years of experience as an area representative and organizer of the United Teachers Los Angeles.

In addition to his labor-related activities, Christopher B. Arellano holds the title of founding vice president of the Avance Democratic Party. Since 2015, he has coordinated general meetings, completed public speaking engagements, managed local political campaign operations, and carried out administrative duties.

Additionally, Mr. Arellano serves as president and planning commissioner of the City of Los Angeles East Area Planning Commission. In the role, he regularly meets and consults with the public, public officials, utilities, and other organizations to advance the commission's general plan.